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Bioterrorism, Genetic Modifications, Plagues, Epidemics and Romance

Chris Holmes, M.D., writes books grounded in a deep understanding of biogenetics, epidemiology, and the history of warfare using biological weapons. His published books include a nonfiction history of anthrax with warnings about the current potential of an epidemic looming over the western world. The most recent addition is a complete change of pace, a rich historical romance set in Scotland.

The Mosquito Tapes

The Mosquito Tapes (Highland Press, 2009), Ghoul, that's what his friends call Jack Youngblood. More comfortable in the morgue than the coffee shop, Jack is San Diego's Chief Medical Examiner. Dead bodies are his business. A twice-divorced recovering alcoholic, Jack hasn't had a date since he's been sober...~read more~ The Mosquito Tapes Book Cover

Blood on the Tartan

Blood on the Tartan (Highland Press, 2007), Catherine Ross rallies her neighbors to openly resist the mass evictions while Constable Ian MacGregor finds duty conflicting with love. In the coming storm will they find happiness or perish in the conflict? ~read more~ The Garden of Evil novel of bioterrorism in food!

Three Chilling Thrillers Already Available

The Medusa Strain (Durban House, 2002), a Foreword Magazine finalist for best mystery, is a gripping novel of bioterrorism that stunningly portrays the dangers of biological warfare in ways nonfiction never could ...
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Anthrax Bioterrorism as The Medusa Strain novel
Nonfiction book on Spores, Plagues and History: the Story of Anthrax
The nonfiction book Spores, Plagues and History: The Story of Anthrax (Durban House, 2003), traces anthrax epidemics and bioterrorism from the time of Moses to Saddam Hussein ...
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The Garden of Evil (Durban House, 2005) is a novel highlighting the threat of food-borne bioterrorism. Based on cutting-edge science, the terrorist finds a way to incorporate a deadly poison directly into raw vegetables, then serve them in a prepared dish. Five die, twenty-six become ill from the assault ...
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The Garden of Evil novel of bioterrorism in food!

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