The Mosquito Tapes by Chris Holmes

Chris Holmes is a medical epidemiologist whose career spans pediatric practice, academic preventive medicine and U.S. Navy medical service. He has authored 15 professional articles on topics as diverse as pediatrics, occupational medicine, biomedical ethics, and the history of medicine. He has four other books in print. Three with Durban House and a Scottish historical romance set in nineteenth century Scotland with Highland Press Publishing Blood on the Tartan. Chris lives in California where he spoils his wife, two dogs and four grandchildren.

The Mosquito Tapes

by Chris Holmes, M.D.
(Highland Press, 2009)
ISBN 978-0982361511

Jack Youngblood is a ghoul. That's what his friends call him. More comfortable in the morgue than the coffee shop, Jack is San Diego's Chief Medical Examiner. Dead bodies are his business. A twice-divorced recovering alcoholic, Jack hasn't had a date since he's been sober. His only commitment is to his work; his only love is Lilly the lab who shares his home.

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June 26, 2009 Book Reviews by Debra Gaynor

"... I would recommend this story to any mystery/suspense lovers. This story also has a lot of information about forensic pathology, which is Jack’s career, so if this is of interest to anyone, then this book is for you as well!"

Ashley Merrill , Front Street Reviews

"... Bored and lonely, with only his dog for company, Jack involves his new lab assistant Jill Hanraty in the mystery, both for the help she provides in researching this remote and clandestine laboratory, and because he’s falling in love with her. But once Jill is turned on to the mystery, she begins acting strangely, and Jack wonders just whom he can trust. As he seeks answers to what has happened to Jill and whether there’s a link to the laboratory and the two homicides found nearby, Jack exposes both Jill and himself to a terror almost too terrible to imagine.

Nobody tells a bio-terror story better than Chris Holmes. Just nobody. Spray yourself with Deet, have a fly swatter nearby, and prepare yourself for an all-night read."

― Ben F. Small, acclaimed author of Alibi On Ice and The Olive Horseshoe, a Preditors & Editors Top Ten Pick

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