"...The story is set in the 1800s in the Scottish Highlands, where, spurred by the Industrial Revolution, capitalists desperate for wool and other natural resources began evicting Scottish clansman."

Pat Sherman

"...Talented author Chris Holmes adeptly interweaves fact with fiction to create a memorable romance filled with unforgettable characters."

Amelia Richard

"As I rushed through the book trying to find out what happens next, I had to make myself slow down to take the time to enjoy the lovely descriptions..."

William E. Howden

"The storyteller evokes the enduring qualities of the Scottish countryside and its people."

J. A. Schneider

"I love the way this author took me right into the heart of the scene and history....Chris Holmes really shows how history can make a scene come alive."


Blood on the Tartan

by Chris Holmes, M.D.
(Highland Press , 2007)
ISBN 9780978713980

Romance and Conflict Abound!

Catherine Ross rallies her neighbors to openly resist the mass evictions, which empty the glens of her people and replace them with sheep. Constable Ian MacGregor, sworn to uphold the law, finds duty conflicts with love. There's only one woman for him—Catherine. However, he is torn by that love and his sense of honor. Ian must decide: to protect his beloved, or to obey his orders. Will Catherine's truest love become her greatest adversary, or will they both perish in the coming conflict?

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What Others Said

"... I adore this Scottish historical romance! Blood on the Tartan has more history than some historical romances I have seen in bookstores and passed by, but never dry history in this book! While reading this book, I was completely immersed in the scene and history and the characters. I felt like I truly understood all the nuances and forces at work that motivated the hero and heroine. Somehow the extra historical detail just made their life stories more memorable and lasting for me because their emotions were grounded in events...."

Paisly, eHarlequin.com

"...Chris Holmes has penned thrillers on subjects ranging from anthrax attacks to plagues and genetically modified food. In light of his latest offering, the Escondido author admits to being a bit of a genetic aberration himself: a romance writer with a Y chromosome. Holmes, an epidemiologist and retired U.S. Navy captain, joins the rare breed of male romance writers with his historical novel, Blood on the Tartan..."

Pat Sherman, Today's Local News

"... BLOOD ON THE TARTAN is a story created around real people and the events which shaped Scotland as well as the other countries where they fled after being evicted. Just knowing many of the well-depicted incidents actually happened makes this story even more mesmerizing. From the opening scene, the lives of these characters will capture the imagination of readers, as daily home life, carefree moments plus desired hopes and shattered dreams are skillfully described....Whether the reader wants an emotive romance or an accurately told historical fiction, BLOOD ON THE TARTAN is a rewarding read."

Amelia Richard, Single Titles.com

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