“ A harrowing and sinister scenario. . . you hope it never comes true!”

David J. Peck, D. O., physician/author

“An exciting story of domestic terrorism.”

Travis Taylor, Ph.D., scientist/author

“Provides a warning of things to come.”

Louise Gresham, Ph.D., Senior Epidemiologist, San Diego County

The Garden of Evil

by Chris Holmes, M.D.
(Durban House, 2005)
ISBN 1930754698

Bioterrorism by food!

A brilliant but bitter sociopath has attacked the city's food supply; 5 people are dead, 26 remain ill from the assault.

Gil Martin, a local family physician, and his wife Tara, the county's Public Health Officer, discover that the terrorist has found a way to incorporate the poison directly into the raw vegetables themselves. How is this possible?

As the Martins get close to cracking the case, the terrorist focuses all his venom on getting them and their family. It's now a personal conflict -- a mano-a-mano -- between him and them.

The Garden of Evil highlights the threat of food borne bioterrorism in ways neither non-fiction works nor government reports ever could. Based on cutting edge science, the threat is chillingly real.

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What Others Said

Praises from High Places

“Terrific protagonists and a truly memorable villain. This story of genetically altered food used as a weapon of terror is fascinating and compelling reading.”

Gene Riehl, author and FBI Agent (Ret.)

“Holmes’s ability to weave the hard sciences (epidemiology) with the softer ones (behavior) is uncanny.”

William Tafoya, Professor of National Security,
University of New Haven

“Chris Holmes’s newest novel is a modern day cat and mouse, no. . .cobra and mongoose investigation, with the stakes more personal and deadly as the adversaries find themselves continually within striking distance. The weapon -- food -- is one of man’s most basic needs.”

John Sylvester, FBI Agent (Ret.)

ESCONDIDO -- "Eat your fruits and vegetables." That's the advice given by doctors, mothers and diet gurus.
However, summer partygoers reaching for the crudites might think twice after reading Dr. Chris Holmes' latest novel,
"The Garden of Evil."

Pat Sherman
Union-Tribune (NC Edition), June 18, 2005

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