Compelling reading. A real eye opener as to the dangers we face as a nation.

Robert Middlemiss
The Lateral Line

Totally engrossing. Spores, Plagues and History had me up all night turning pages.

Richard Sand
Private Justice

Spores, Plagues and History
The Story of Anthrax

by Chris Holmes, M.D.
(Durban House, 2003)
ISBN 1930754450

Ancient Epidemics Return!

Anthrax! Smallpox! Plagues! Until recently, most Americans were unfamiliar with these terms or assumed they were a part of history. The October 2001 anthrax cases catapulted this very real danger into the headlines and the minds of many. We ask:

  • What are the agents and the illnesses they cause?
  • How worried should we be?
  • What can we do to protect ourselves?

With new infectious diseases emerging and old ones resurfacing (mumps in 2006), the challenge of early detection, containment and prevention is urgent. Dr. Holmes provides a comprehensive view of the history of these dangers and their use as weapons. He asks the chilling question, "Are we prepared?"

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Biological weapons still threaten

With this book, Dr. Holmes traces the known history of anthrax, from Moses to Saddam Hussein. He shows us how it has caused problems for millennia and tracks its beginnings as a weapon. He caps the past with frightening accounts of the very recent uses of anthrax, even leaving us with several unknowns about where we will go next, and if we can or will be able to handle the next outbreak.

Journal of Emergency Medicine, January 2006

A work of impeccable scholarship, Spores, Plagues, And History is very strongly recommended for academic library reference collections.

Midwest Book Review Reviewer's Choice, January, 2004

He looks at personal, community, and national preparedness, not to scare but to educate and understand. Only by proper understanding of the biologic, both its capabilities and weaknesses, can an appropriate public health response be mounted and mass prophylaxis be considered.

FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, November 2005

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